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Neuroinformatics Literature System Oriented to Knowledge Discovery: Design and Preliminary Implementation
Jun YOU 1 ,  
Qian LIU 1 ,  
1 College of Life Science & Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China  
Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2007; 24: 45-55

Key Words: Neuroinformatics; neuroimaging; brain function; literature; ontology; knowledge base; text mining; knowledge discovery

Neuroscience research has brought on enormous amounts of diverse data, this has led to the difficulty for the neuroscientists to grasp all userful information and conduct the comprehensive brain research independently. In addition, many barriers exist to the querying of multiple databases, including mismatches in query language, access mechanisms, data models and semantic deduction. In order to solve the neuroscientific information integration and database interoperability, we have been developing an internet-accessible Neuroinformatics Literature System(NILS) for neuroimaging and brain function research. NILS is designed for knowledge discovery and NILS consists of 8 main function modules: System Maintenance, Literature Renewal, Literature Retrieval, Result Display/Output, Literature Information Analysis, Neuroimaging Integration, Neuroinformation Text Mining and Nerve Ontology Prototype Construction. It makes possible to semiautomatic gather, coordinate, analyze and store data from multiple underlying sources into a single high-performance environment operating from a local server, provides multi-disciplinary and multi-level integrative retrieval service, helps us to establish a network of comprehensive neuroscientific knowledge for fully understanding the brain principle of work. NILS will not only serve as a foundation platform for the future study pattern driven by hypothesis, but also reveal a great variety of implication relations in the literature, which was previously rarely-known.


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J. YOU, Q. LIU, J. ZHANG: Neuroinformatics Literature System Oriented to Knowledge Discovery: Design and Preliminary Implementation. J Neurol Sci [Turk] 2007;24:45-55


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