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Quality of Life of Stroke Patients' Spouses Living in The Community in Turkey: Controlled Study with Short Form-36 Questionnaire
1 SB İstanbul Physical Theraphy and Rehabilitation Training Hospital, 1st PMR Clinic, İstanbul, Turkey  
Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2008; 25: 226-234

Key Words: Quality of life, spouse, caregiver, stroke

Background and purpose: Stroke is a disease with severe consequences for patients and their families. We know very little about family caregivers in our country. The aim of this study is to compare the quality of life of spouses of chronic stroke patients with healthy controls residing in Turkey. We will investigate some objective characteristics of patient and spouse that would have a negative effect on quality of life.


Methods: Forty seven spouses of first ever stroke patients living in the community and 26 healthy controls of the same age and sex range were included in the study. Demographic characteristics and additional information about the education of all the subjects and patients were recorded. Clinical status of the patients were evaluated using Brunnstrom's stages of motor recovery and Modified Barthel Index. Quality of life was assessed using Short Form-36.


Results: The Short Form-36 subscale scores of social functioning, mental health and mental health summary score were significantly lower in the spouses than the healthy controls. Being a female and being less educated were associated with lower physical and mental health summary scores.


Conclusions: Being a spouse of a stroke patient can have a negative impact on quality of life. Short Form-36 can be added into routine assessment of spouses of stroke survivors in the stroke follow-up clinics to identify spouses in need of additional education and support.


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B. GÜNDÜZ, B. ERHAN: Quality Of Life of Stroke Patients' Spouses Living in The Community in Turkey: Controlled Study with Short Form-36 Questionnaire. J Neurol Sci [Turk] 2008;25:226-234

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