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Efficiacy of Melatonin in Chronic Tension Type Headache Patients and Effects on Anxiety and Depression
1 Erzincan Asker Hastanesi, Nöroloji Servisi, Erzincan, Türkiye  
2 GATA Tıp Fakültesi Hastanesi, Psikiyatri AD., Ankara, Türkiye  
3 GATA Tıp Fakültesi Hastanesi, Nöroloji AD., Ankara, Türkiye  
Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2013; 30: 116-123

Key Words: Choronic tension type headache, melatonin, depression, anxiety

Introduction: Tension type headache(TTH) which is a primer headache has episodic and chronic forms. Peripheral and central nociceptive mechanism are thought to be responsible in occurrence of chronic TTH. Psychiatric disorders are frequently associated with chronic TTH. Although basic and combined analgesics are used in acute treatment and antidepresants are used in prophylaxis, new treatment modalities are needed. In this study we aimed to determine efficacy of melatonin in chronic tension type headache patients and effects on anxiety and depression.


Materials and Method: 21 chronic TTH patients were included in this study. 3 mg/day melatonin were ordered to each patients during 3 months. Number of painful days within a month, severety of pain (by using Visual Analog Scale (VAS)), Hamilton depression scores and Hamilton anxiety scores were detected before and 3 months after the treatment.


Results: 5 men and 16 women were included in this study. Mean age of patients was 33,14±8,95 (19-51) years. Number of painful days within a month decreased from 20,14±4,00 (15-28) days to 13,76±3,14 (9-19), VAS scores decreased from 65,95±11,46 (45-85) to 50,95±13,28 (25-75), Hamilton depression score decreased from 21,28±7,54 (3-35) to 15,76±5,55 (4-28) and Hamilton anxiety scores decreased from 16,66±8,71 (3-39) to 11,80±6,42 (2-28). Improvements in all parameters were statically significant (p=0,001; p=0,002; p=0,001; p=0,001, respectively).


Conclusion: The results of the study suggest that melatonin therapy may be an effective and safe treatment method in chronic TTH.

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