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Comorbidities of Migraine Results of Turkish Headache Database Working Group
1 Cukurova University School of the Medicine, Departmant of Neurology, Adana  
2 Cukurova University School of the Medicine, Departmant of Bioistatistics, Adana  
3 Mersin University School of the Medicine, Departmant of Neurology, Mersin  
4 Presented in the appendix in alphabetical order  
Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2014; 31: 80-89

Key Words: Migraine, ICHD-II, comorbidity

Aim: Realizing migraine comorbidities is particularly important for physiopathology, treatment, and progress of the disease. In the present study, we aimed to assess the comorbid conditions in patients with migraine.


Method: This retrospective study was conducted by the Turkish Headache Database Study Group, at 23 headache centers. Diagnosis of migraine was established by a physician based on the International Classification of Headache Disorders-II criteria. Comorbidities of migraine were determined based on the patients' self reports.


Results: A total of 3478 cases, which have been diagnosed with migraine were evaluated. (mean age 43.5±11.2, 81.8% female). Comorbidity was detected in 55.7% (n:1937) of overall cases. Psychiatric diseases have been reported to be the most prevalent comorbidity in these patients (31.5%, p≤0.0001). Cardiovascular diseases (16.5%), and hypertension (16.3%) have been found to be more prevalent in migraine with aura. Prevalence of neurological comorbidity, also, was higher in migraine with aura. Epilepsy (1.5%) and vertigo (4.6%) were detected in migraine with aura cases. Difficulty in falling asleep was found in 35.4% of the cases (p≤0.0001). Prevalence of non-headache pain was found to be 2.9% (p>0.0001). Patients with comorbidities were more sensitive to migraine triggers and accompanied symptoms were more severe (p≤0.0001).


Conclusion: Comorbidity of migraine is the important component of complex nature of the disease. The present study is important in terms of being the first multicenter study exposing migraine comorbidities and their reflections in clinical practice.

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