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Case report
Solitary Cerebellar Metastasis from a non-muscle Invasive Transitional Cell Carcinoma of Bladder
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2015; 32: 783-788)
Temporary Paraplegia Resulting From Venous Air Embolism Following Lumbar Disc Surgery
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2016; 33: 378-382)
Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Metastatic to The Sellar Area: Report of Two Cases
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2015; 32: 193-198)
Dural Metastasis From Breast Carcinoma Mimicking Subdural Hematoma: Case Report
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2014; 31: 818-821)
Jasper-Stone Like Skull: Massive Skull Metastasis With Invasion of Leptomeninges-A Rare Case Report
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2013; 30: 776-779)
The Cervical Epidural Space Metastasis of Ewing's Sarcoma
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2013; 30: 587-591)
Steroid Responsive Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor With Central Nervous System Involvement: The Case Report
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2013; 30: 219-224)
Visual Loss After Lumbar Discectomy Due to Cortical Infarction: Case Report
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2013; 30: 422-426)
Management of Spinal Epidural Lipomatosis: A Report of Two Cases
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2012; 29: 851-856)
Metastatic Thyroid Carcinoma With Initial Presentation As Spinal Cord Compression
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2012; 29: 857-862)
De Novo Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures After Epilepsy Surgery: A Case Report
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2007; 24: 170-177)
Catastrophic Childhood Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2005; 22: 314-318)
Intradural Intramedullary Conus Medullaris Metastasis of Colorectal Adenocarcinoma: A Case Report
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2012; 29: 410-416)
Primary Gliosarcoma: Clinical and Pathological Evaluation of Four Cases
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2011; 28: 402-409)
Uncommon Tumor of Cerebellopontine Angle: Report of an Adult Medulloblastoma
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2011; 28: 273-277)
Right Sided Cavernoma Presenting With Cross Aphasia After Surgery
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2011; 28: 278-283)
Traumatic Posterior Fossa Epidural Hematomas in Childhood: Report of 6 Cases
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2011; 28: 294-299)
Gliomatosis Cerebri: Two Cases
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2010; 27: 465-471)
Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor of the Right Cerebellopontine Angle in a 2-Year-Old Girl: A Case Report
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2009; 26: 362-367)
Tumor-to-tumor metastasis: lung adenocarcinoma into a clinically non-functioning gonadotroph pituitary adenoma: A rare case
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2018; 35: 53-59)
DOI: 10.24165/jns.9865.16
Huge Dural Chondroma
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2009; 26: 509-512)
Intradural Langerhans' Cell Histiocytosis Invading Skull: Case Report and Review of the Literature
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2014; 31: 609-613)
Cystic and Calcified Brain Tumor Metastasized From Non-Small Cell Carcinoma: A Case Report
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2012; 29: 611-616)
Intradural Disc Herniation Mimicking a Spinal Tumor
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2014; 31: 631-634)
Two Different Primary Tumors in the Same Brain-A Case Report and Review of the Literature
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2014; 31: 635-640)
Minimally Invasive Surgery of Extensive Spinal Epidural Abscess: A Case Report
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2014; 31: 641-645)
Awake Craniotomy For Eloquent Brain Surgery
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2007; 24: 354-359)
Diagnosis and Management of The Congenital Cranial Teratomas: Report of Four Cases and Review
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2012; 29: 877-890)
Evidence-Based Treatment of Primary and Recurrent Brain Metastasis
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2012; 29: 171-178)
Pseudomonas Putida Infection at Lomber Paravertebral Soft Tissue in an Healty Adult Patient : A Rare Case Report and Review of Literature
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2015; 32: 797-802)
Systemic Tumour Metastasis to Cerebral Meningioma: Literature Review with a Case Report
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2017; 34: 123-135)
DOI: 10.24165/jns.8236.15
Research Article
Which is More Predictive in the Extent of Resection of Pituitary Adenomas, Cavernous Sinus Invasion or Preoperative Tumor Volume?
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2017; 34: 32-41)
Selectins, Activated Leukocyte Cell Adhesion Molecule, and Platelet Endothelial Cell Adhesion Molecule-1 Tissue Levels in Patients With Low- and High-grade Gliomas
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2017; 34: 42-51)
Effects of Intraperitoneal Zoledronic Acid Administration on Cerebral Vasospasm Following Experimental Subarachnoid Hemorrhage in Rats
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2015; 32: 450-460)
Hematological Profiling and Assessment of Suspected Environmental Factors of Brain Tumor Patients: A Prospective Study of a Tertiary Care Hospital in Pakistan
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2015; 32: 89-105)
Determinants of the in-hospital Outcome of Spontaneous ICH in a Developing Country in the CT Era: a Neurosurgical Prospective Analytical Study
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2016; 33: 315-324)
Intravenous tPA Administration in Patients With Acute Ischemic Stroke: Edirne Experience
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2011; 28: 317-321)
The Assesment of Pain and Hand Functions of Patients With Anterior Cervical Disc Surgery
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2011; 28: 337-346)
The Outcome of Surgically Resected Anaplastic Astrocytoma and Glioblastoma: Results of Single Center Retrospective Study
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2011; 28: 347-354)
Clinical Features and Treatment Outcomes of Moyamoya Disease in 125 Patients of Henan, China
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2013; 30: 48-58)
Examination of The Adaptation States of Patients With Primary Brain Tumor According To The Roy Adaptation Model: A Qualitative Research
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2013; 30: 88-107)
Surgical Treatment of Trigonocephaly
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2011; 28: 42-50)
The Morphometrical Evaluation of the Localizations of Oculomotor, Trochlear, Trigeminal and Abducent Nerves in the Sphenopetroclival Region: A Microanatomical Study
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2011; 28: 58-64)
Learning Needs of Neurosurgery Patients
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2010; 27: 414-420)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings in Intracranial Dural Metastases
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2010; 27: 421-428)
A Comparison of the Effects of Adcon-L, Mitomycin C and Sodium Hyaluronate in Experimental Epidural Fibrosis in Rabbits
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2011; 28: 236-242)
Re-Irradiation of Progressive Brain Metastases After Whole Brain Radiotherapy: Outcome of Stereotactic Radiosurgery
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2012; 29: 82-91)
Surgical management of 39 patients with metastatic brain tumor
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2018; 35: 165-170)
DOI: 10.5152/NSN.2018.8449
Intraoperative Observations of Anatomic Variations of the Posterior Communicating Artery: A Microsurgical Approach
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2009; 26: 279-285)
Endoscopic Neurosurgery and Endoscope-assisted Microneurosurgery For The Treatment of Space Occupying Lesions of The Septum Pellucidum
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2008; 25: 96-104)
Does Irrigation System (Pulsavactmplus) Lead to Intravascular Passage of Irrigation Fluid During Major Spine Surgery?
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2008; 25: 1-5)
Predicting Outcome of Poor Grade Patients of Subarachnoid Haemorrhage Due to Anterior Communicating Artery Aneurysm
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2007; 24: 287-295)
Evaluation of Patients With Brain Tumors According to International NANDA Nursing Diagnoses: Care Suggestions
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2010; 27: 178-184)
The Effect of Unshaved Skin Preparation in Cranial Surgery on Development of Surgical Site Infection: Systematic Review
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2010; 27: 185-196)
The effect of Povidone-iodine on Peridural Fibrosis in Spinal Surgery
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2014; 31: 687-692)
Emergency Microsurgical Embolectomy after Failure of Endovascular Recanalization for Embolic Occlusion of the Anterior Intracranial Artery
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2014; 31: 761-772)
Anti-Adhesion Properties of Contractubex® in A Rat Laminectomy Model: A Morphological and Histopathological Study
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2015; 32: 708-717)
Unilateral Laminotomy For Decompression of Lumbar Stenosis is Effective and Safe: A Prospective Randomized Comparative Study
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2012; 29: 744-753)
Cerebral Hydatid Disease: Clinical Analysis of Ten Cases
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2012; 29: 754-760)
Clinical Features and Treatment of Spinal Myxopapillary Ependymoma: A Series of 15 Cases
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2012; 29: 794-803)
Effect of Craniotomy Without Shaving on Patient Mood
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2013; 30: 385-391)
Revision Surgery After Inappropriate Posterior Fossa Decompression For Craniocervical Junction Malformation
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2013; 30: 515-524)
Assessment of Cases With Intracranial Hydatid Cyst: A 23-Year Experience
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2014; 31: 90-98)
Pediatric Intracerebral Abscess: Review of 43 Surgically Treated Cases
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2014; 31: 136-143)
Brain Abcesses: Clinical Analysis of Twenty-five Cases
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2014; 31: 175-187)
A Microsurgical Training Model For Anterior Cervical Discectomy in Fresh Sheep Spine
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2013; 30: 674-676)
A Long Term Evaluation of Result of Surgically Treated Lower Cervical Spine Trauma of 83 Patients: A Retrospective Study
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2013; 30: 740-747)
Comparison of Spinal and General Anesthesia in Lumbar Disc Surgery
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2011; 28: 487-496)
The Emphasis of Tumor Suppressor Genes and Oncogenes in Diagnosis and Prognosis of Anaplastic Brain Tumors
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2011; 28: 563-580)
Neuroendocrine and Hemodynamic Effects of General Anesthesia and Spinal Anesthesia For Minimally Invasive Lumbar Disc Surgery: A Randomized Trial
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2014; 31: 586-595)
Clinical Neurophysiology
Interictal Rhythmic Midline Theta Rhythm is Common in Frontal Lobe Epilepsy But Not Specific to Any Subcompartment
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2016; 33: 207-213)
Letter to Editor
Glioblastoma Near High-voltage Overhead Power Lines
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2014; 31: 846-847)
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