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Case report
Chronic İnflammatory Demyelinating Neuropathy Associated With Graves Disease: A Case Report
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2008; 25: 158-163)
Combined Central And Peripheral Nervous System Demyelination: A Case Report
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2017; 34: 343-348)
DOI: 10.24165/jns.10192.17
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors (VEGF) As a Major Parameter For Diagnosis and Follow up of a Patient With POEMS Syndrome
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2010; 27: 348-352)
Isolated Oculomotor Nerve Palsy Due to Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyradiculopathy
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2010; 27: 219-223)
Cryoglobulinemic neuropathy: a treatable cause of polyneuropathy
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2018; 35: 154-156)
DOI: 10.5152/NSN.2018.11464
Research Article
Nerve conduction study plays a key role in the correct diagnosis of HNPP
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2018; 35: 157-164)
DOI: 10.5152/NSN.2018.10433
Electrophysiological Study of Lateral and Medial Branches of Nervus Radialis Superficialis
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2016; 33: 45-55)
Clinical Characteristics and Prognosis of Guillain Barre Syndrome
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2013; 30: 124-134)
Adie's Tonic Pupil and Anti-Ganglioside IgG Antibodies
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2012; 29: 243-247)
The Utility of a Novel Composite Parameter in Sensory Nerve Conduction Studies: Amplitude/ Rise Time of Sensory Nerve Action Potential
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2011; 28: 14-27)
The Electrophysiological Evaluation of 70 Iranian Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2007; 24: 190-196)
Clinical and Electrodiagnostic findings of n-Hexane Neuropathy
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2007; 24: 219-225)
Nerve Conduction Studies, SEP and Blink Reflex Studies in Recently Diagnosed, Untreated Thyroid Disease Patients
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2007; 24: 7-15)
Glial S100B Positive Vacuoles In Purkinje Cells: Earliest Morphological Abnormality In SCA1 Transgenic Mice
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2006; 23: 166-174)
F Wave Parameters and F-Jitter
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2006; 23: 8-13)
Gastrocinemius H Reflex Responses and Nerve Conduction Studies in Patients with Behçet’s Disease
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2005; 22: 184-194)
Electrophysiological study of patients with spinocerebellar and Friedreich's ataxia
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2018; 35: 138-144)
DOI: 10.5152/NSN.2018.11239
Dorsal Sural Nerve Conduction Study in Early Diabetic Polyneuropathy Patients and Relationship of Adiponectin and High Sensitive-C Reactive Protein Levels
(Neurol Sci Neurophysiol 2009; 26: 404-415)
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